Changes in store for BT

A number of initiatives discussed during the budget debates this past week paint an optimistic picture for the district of Bodden Town.

Once the West Bay bypass is completed by the end of June, construction will commence on the Newlands-Prospect artery within the month.

Government members expressed hope the new road will alleviate the congestion the area is currently suffering, although Bodden Town Member Osborne Bodden warned the new road would only prove to be a stopgap measure in the face of future growth and other traffic measures must be explored.

In the Bodden Town district, Savannah will see a new post office, and engineers are engaged in studying the flooding problems in the gully.

Hopes are high that the Lower Valley will be revitalized with a new agri-tourism centre. The main building has been designed by Caymanian architect John Doak.

Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts praised the multi-functional multi-use facility, which he sees forging beneficial links between the agricultural and tourism sectors.

Featuring farmers and craft markets, demonstration projects, a food processing facility and youth education and outreach programs, the site will also be the home of the new St. Matthew’s University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Mr. Bodden announced that, in contribution to raising Bodden Town’s profile through the Go East sustainable tourism programme, the government will be purchasing land in the town’s historic centre next to the Coe Wood public beach to create a new beach park and boat launch area.

Both Mr. Bodden and Tourism Minister Charles Clifford were extremely impressed with the progress being made on Bodden Town’s Mission House National Trust project, opening adjacent to the new Senior Centre.

The historic site will provide a perfect opportunity for tourists to gain a window on the past through hearing first-hand accounts of traditional Caymanian life.

Mr. Bodden also outlined extended opening hours for the MLA office, new emergency centres for the eastern districts, including a renovated civic centre which will also serve as a hurricane shelter for Bodden Town and renovations to the town’s library, playfield, and development of a new playfield at Breakers.

Mr. Bodden appealed to Bodden Town residents to take pride in their community and contribute to the ongoing efforts the government is making to revitalize the district.

‘We were knocked down by Ivan, but not out, and we have community groups that are active and government is supporting to get things done. The community must rally and work with us and the resources we provide,’ he said.

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