Gas dispensers are regulated

There is some incorrect information in the letter to the editor in the Compass of 5 May, 2006, Why are gas prices so high?

The letter states that US gallons are dispensed at service stations in the Cayman Islands and this is not the case. Sales are in $CI per imperial gallon which is five quarts vs. four quarts for a US gallon. The Petroleum Inspector’s Department requires that all pumps and dispensers at retail sites be calibrated on an annual basis to ensure that the public is getting the correct amount of fuel that they are paying for.

Calibrations are done by contractors using a certified five gallon test measure, which is sometimes referred to as a volumetric prover.

Each dispenser hose is calibrated and must have three consecutive runs that must be within + or – .05 per cent for accuracy.

The only locations selling US gallons at CI prices are marinas, and if you are interested in finding out the price that you are paying for an imperial gallon you simply multiply the CI amount by 1.2 (1.20094 US gallons = 1 imperial gallon)

Gary McTaggart

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