Bill targets building contractors

Cayman’s construction industry will be in for some regulatory changes if Cayman’s new Builder’s Bill becomes law.

Introduced June 1 by Government Leader Kurt Tibbetts as a Discussion Paper in the Legislative Assembly, the bill is an effort to help safeguard and promote high standards of workmanship in the building industry.

A preliminary version of the bill has already completed the public comment phase, which closed 30 May. The Builder’s Bill Review Committee is reviewing the comments in order to report on suggested changes. A revised draft will then be presented to Cabinet for approval to forward to the Legislative Assembly.

‘When hiring a general contractor, the public will know what duties they are licensed to perform,’ Mr. Tibbetts told the LA.

The bill includes the establishment of a Builders Board, which will be responsible for registering business entities and qualified contractors.

The board will set out criteria to distinguish and identify five contractor categories: general contractor, civil contractor, building contractor, residential contractor, or sub-trades contractor.

Through the board, the bill will also regulate the issuance and expiry of registration, disciplining and right of appeal for business entities and contractors.

The bill will make it an offence and outline penalties for unregistered or falsely registered workers.

The construction industry will also benefit from newly established enforcement officers to implement the board’s powers with regard to non-compliance with the law, and the board will deal with criminal liability of business entities, their directors, partners or managers.

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