BT a safe district

Bodden Town is not only the fastest growing district it is also one of the safest districts in the Cayman Islands, residents of the community heard at a police meeting at the Bodden Town Primary School Wednesday night.

However, speeding remains a problem in the district, and in fact 47 speeding citations were issued in the area in a ten-hour period recently.

At the small gathering attended by Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan, Deputy Commissioner Rudolph Dixon, Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ennis and a panel consisting of a cross section of police, residents were told that in the past three weeks there had been no reports of burglaries in the district and since the beginning of the year, only 10 arrests and a small amount of ganja seized.

‘Many of the other districts would love to swap places with Bodden Town,’ said Commissioner Kernohan. ‘I think maybe it is something you, the residents, are doing to help with issues in the district. We have gotten good feedback from the community.’

But despite this good news, police were still having a difficult time with speeders. Already the amount of speeding offence has doubled since the beginning of the year.

Bodden Town area commander Adrian Seales in his report said, ‘In a 10-hour period, 47 speeders were prosecuted in the area,’ he said.

‘We are determined to bring speeding down in the Cayman Islands, which is the single most cause of road accidents. If they do not stop, we will be taking their licences’ said Mr. Kernohan. He also said persons caught speeding are now required to go to court. This is being used to act as a deterrent to stop people from speeding.

‘In recent times there have been a lot of accidents and deaths especially with our young people,’ he said. ‘We have implemented a street skills campaign to further educate people. The police will also be conducting more operations and targeting offenders,’ said Inspector Adrian Barnett.

Detective Inspector Malcolm Tate also offered information on how the Drug Task Force was combating drugs and drug-related offences. But in order to be more effective, the department needed the public’s help in seeking out offenders.

During question time, residents wanted to find out if there was a shortage of police officers in the Bodden Town area, what the police were doing to target the Savannah junction, speeding on the Bodden Town bypass, the dangers speeding posed to school children, implementing an older age limit for young drivers to get a licence, domestic abuse and the installation of more speed bumps in the area.

Bodden Town area commander Adrian Seales assured those gathered that he would be looking into all the concerns that residents had aired at the meeting and then addressing them.

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