Police target pickup safety

Uniformed police officers were out in full force Tuesday morning clamping down on pickup trucks carrying passengers in the back.

From as early as 6.30am, Operation Truck Back trapped 20 offenders in the area between Spotts straight and Old Prospect Road.

Thirteen persons were reported for conveying passengers in an unsafe manner. One person was ticketed for speeding, two for wearing no seat belts, one for failing to use an indicator and three were given verbal warnings for unsafe loads.

‘The message we are tying to get through to the public is we are concerned about the manner in which persons are being carried on the back of trucks, which is also prohibited,’ said Chief Inspector of Traffic Courtney Myles.

‘We want to encourage employers to convey their workers in a safe manner.’ Mr. Myles further stated that operations of this nature will continue from time to time.

On the spot, truck drivers were pulled off the road, ticketed and passengers removed.

One truck driver carrying about six passengers in the rear of a Suzuki open back truck, managed to slip past inspecting officers, they did not get very far, police immediately gave chase and the driver of the truck was stopped and ticketed.

Also assisting in the manoeuvre were officers in the mobile command post.

This latest piece of police mobility equipment has the ability to monitor live colour video from the van. It records what is happening on the spot, and has the ability to videotape and freeze frame a snap shot of an event. It also allows police to view and tape a situation from a secure distance.

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