Parents can help supervise their children

Recent complaints of lack of supervision of juveniles at the cinema allege that parents and guardians are dropping off juveniles from as early as 6pm in the evenings and picking up as late as midnight.

There have also been allegations of improprieties amongst juveniles left unattended.

The Family Support Unit has compiled a few parenting tips that may assist parents and guardians in the supervision of their children and the dangers if neglected.

• Enquire and supervise what type of movie your child is intending to watch at the cinema and at home.

• Make sure your child is accompanied to the cinema with a responsible adult.

• Know exactly what time the movie begins and ends, so as to make the necessary arrangements for drop off a few minutes before the movie beings, and be on the compound a few minutes before movie ends. This will decrease the amount of loitering that takes place on the cinema complex.

• Know your child’s friends, associates and their family.

• Develop a good communication with your child which will enhance the trust and confidence between child and parents.

• Listen to your child.

• Monitor your child’s clothing and ensure that such attire is appropriate for the occasion.

• Monitor your child’s performance at school and at places that you may not be able to be in attendance all of the time.

• Provide your child with the necessary morals and principles that will assist them to become productive members of society.

• Maintain a good and respectful relationship with others so as to set a proper example for your child.

Danger signs

• Decrease in child self confidence.

• Decrease or non communication between you and your child.

• Behavioural changes, such as being disruptive in school, a drop in school grades.

• Lack of interest in things they used to be interested in and being disrespectful to parents, peers and adults in general.

• Becoming sexually active at an early age.

• Getting involved in crimes and drug abuse.

Officer in Charge of the Family Support Unit, Inspector Angelique Howell, states, ‘Supervising your children, seeing the early warning signs that something is wrong and acting on it immediately will discourage our young people from possibly entertaining a life of crime and violence. These are our children. They are our future and we have to protect them from others and from themselves.

‘Parents must realize that they are responsible for their children and not taking on their responsibilities can result in negative consequences. Supervise your children.

‘There are resources available to assist you and child’s problems or needs including the Department of Children and Family Service, who can be contacted at 9460024 and the Family Support Unit at 9469185,’ she added.