Child employment rules

The education department is reminding employers about laws and regulations that govern the employment of children in the Cayman Islands.

During periods when schools are not in session, minors between 10 and 16 may legally work a maximum of eight hours on any day, and six days in any week.

The eight hour daily limit also applies to weekends and public holidays, and any other days when schools are not in session.

While schools are in session, only students on an approved work experience programme may enter into employment during school hours.

Outside of school hours on school days, during periods while schools are in session, minors may work a maximum of two hours. On a non-school day, the eight-hour maximum limit applies. This allows minors to work a maximum of 18 hours per week during periods when schools are in session, however these hours are limited to being between 7am and 10pm, outside of which hours, minors may not work at all.

For further information or advice concerning the regulations and laws which protect employers and children, contact the Department of Education’s Attendance and Liaison Services Officer on 244 1742, or the Department of Children and Family Services Child Protection Team Coordinator on 949 0290.