Students tour GT police station

On 27 June South Sound Community Officer Alex Shultz escorted 35 Year 1 students on a tour of George Town Police Station.

The children, from St. Ignatius Catholic School, along with their teacher, Ms Abels, had the opportunity to see for themselves how a police station and its officers work on a daily basis.

The students visited many departments including the Criminal Investigation Department, Crime Desk, Scenes of Crime, the Custody Suite, Community Policing and the Uniform Support Group.

The students asked many questions about policing and showed a great interest in the different kinds of jobs within the Police Service. There was a special interest in the finger printing process, and to their delight, they even had an opportunity to participate by having their prints taken.

‘The children seemed to have a great time and asked some really smart and wonderful questions of the officers. The value of these visits is really to emphasis to these young children that the police are your friend, we are here to help, educate and to listen, as well as to upkeep the law,’ said PC Shultz.

Any other teacher who would like to arrange a tour of George Town Police Station, or have an officer attend their school, can contact PC Schultz of the Community Policing Department at 916-6023.