Butterfield extends NRF support

Butterfield Bank has extended its support of the National Recovery Fund with its staff signing up to participate in the fund’s pledge campaign.

Butterfield Bank Staff

Members of staff of Butterfield Bank recently provided contributions from their salary to the National Recovery Fund. The contribution, to be matched by the Bank will be paid monthly up to December 2006. Photo: Submitted

The campaign, launched last July with Deloitte employees, enables company employees to pledge a monthly sum from their salaries to go toward the Fund’s work of repairing and rebuilding Hurricane Ivan-damaged homes. The employees’ contribution is matched by the company.

Over the next six months, Butterfield will provide a monthly contribution of $2,400 to the fund. This comprises both staff and matching company contribution.

Other businesses whose employees have rallied to support the fund in one way or another include Re/Max, Appleby Spurling Hunter, Ogier and Walkers.

Butterfield Bank was one of the earliest corporate donors to the National Recovery Fund when it was set up in September 2004, in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Ivan. The bank then contributed $1 million to the Fund.

Over the past 20 months, Butterfield has continued to support the fund in other ways. Earlier this year, it provided the funds to repair and restore the old National Trust Building at Eastern Avenue and Courts Road, which the fund now uses as office accommodation, through an agreement with the National Trust.

Butterfield Bank’s Managing Director, Mr. Conor O’Dea is vice chairman of the Fund. The Bank also supported the fund’s most recent fundraising effort, Night at the Races held at Grand Old House on 8 June with a sponsorship of $7,500.

The National Recovery Fund was established 23 September, 2004, to provide relief for persons adversely affected by Hurricane Ivan through its housing recovery programme aimed at restoring families to suitable living conditions.

The fund is a private independent trust that relies solely on donations to carry out its programmes. The fund is rebuilding and repairing 26 homes with another 45 slated for complete rebuilding.