Elgin Avenue roundabout completed

Construction of the much-awaited and now improved Elgin Avenue dual-lane roundabout is complete.

The National Roads Authority therefore advises and reminds motorists that the structure is fully functional and needs to be used accordingly.

The NRA continues to urge drivers to learn to use Cayman’s existing dual-lane roundabouts – located at Grand Harbour, Silver Oaks, Quincentennial at North Sound and Godfrey Nixon Way and now Elgin Avenue – correctly.

‘Since the new dual lane roundabout has been constructed, traffic flow at this junction has improved’ NRA Director Colford Scott pointed out. ‘But knowing and following the basic manoeuvring requirements will also help to alleviate traffic problems.’

A few simple reminders on the usage of dual-lane roundabouts follow:

On approaching a dual-lane roundabout, drivers need to get into the correct lane; do not switch lanes on the roundabout!

Drivers should slow down and be prepared to stop to give way to traffic already on the roundabout and to the drivers’ right.

Use the left hand lane if driving straight or making an immediate left to reach an exit

Use the right hand lane if driving straight or circling the roundabout to reach an exit.

Once on the roundabout signal your intention as you pass the exit before the one that you are going to take.

The above rules regarding the use of roundabouts need to be observed at all dual-lane roundabouts.


Members of the public with questions on the use of dual-lane roundabouts can contact the NRA at 946-7780 for a free brochure.