Haitians should come together

We Haitians need to come together regardless of our personal point of view on subject matter.

We need to come together in order to make things better for our future generation so it can have a place to live.

We need to come together in pursue of justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity.

United we stand…here’s how you can help…

Participate in any activities regarding your country or community.

Attend fundraising/charity events or make a donation even if it’s a dollar a day.

Volunteer some of your time to charity or non-profit organization.

Pick up the phone or check on the Internet to see what’s happening in your community, country, or elsewhere that you might be able to help.

Talk to your friends or express your thoughts on daily problems that are affecting you, your community, or your country.

In the words of former US President John F. Kennedy, ‘It is not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.’

Sam Miller