Pedro staff commended

This is in reference to the 10 July story in the Caymanian Compass about boys being rescued from the sea.

The Tourism Attraction Board oversees the management of Pedro St. James.

After reading the referenced cover story it is my view that the statement ‘The incident happened when the family, visiting the Island from Missouri, stopped in at the Pedro Castle gift shop’ as written in the article could be misinterpreted by your readers to mean that the family involved in the incident had on their arrival at Pedro first visited the gift shop and was possibly admitted to tour Pedro’s facilities.

Therefore, your readers could have also concluded that the family was under the supervision of Pedro St. James staff at the time the accident occurred.

For the record, I wish to state that when the family arrived at Pedro St. James parking lot, it proceeded directly to Pedro’s cliff/bluff, without first visiting the gift shop or seeking advice from Pedro St. James staff.

In fact the family member that visited the gift shop did so to ask for help after the unfortunate incident was in progress.

It is also interesting to note that your article did not mention the assistance provided by Pedro’s staff to the family.

It was Pedro’s staff that dialled 911 and a member of staff did accompany family members to the hospital.

We are happy to say that when our staff enquired about the welfare of the family the next day, they were very appreciative of the assistance given by staff.

Gilbert Connolly
CEO, Tourism Attraction Board