Prayer goes out to church

I am appalled that a Christian minister would lash out against those who would try to call their congregational leadership to account in this way. (Church founder lashes whistleblowers, 11 July Caymanian Compass).

Not only am I concerned for the young woman who was assaulted by boys from within her own congregation, but I am also concerned for the congregation itself.

If a church leader believes that the behaviour exhibited by those boys and ultimately condoned by their deacon is not worth rejecting, then I feel very sorry for the people in the pews.

While Ms Kelly is perfectly correct in that everyone has faults, I believe the church has an obligation to stand up for those who are most vulnerable.

In this case, the vulnerable one is the young woman who put her trust in a church leader to keep her safe.

If we cannot trust our church leadership to say no to injustice and call itself to account, how can we expect to be taken seriously by the rest of the world who knows this behaviour to be wrong?

Unfortunately, this kind of reaction by church leaders to a situation such as this is what gives the Christian Church a bad name.

I will be praying for the Dayton Avenue (Jamaica) congregation and all those involved in this situation.

Rev. Sharon M. Foster –
Evergreen Pastoral Charge
The United Church of Canada
Mayerthorpe, Alberta