Jammin’ wins Filipino Volleyball League crown

The Filipino Volleyball League has wrapped up a spectacular year of exciting competition.

After a month of round robin elimination and semi-finals, the Jammin’ Construction Team made it to top. In the final, Jammin’ competed with American Airlines in five sets. With two sets winning of each team. Jammin’ finally defeated American Airlines in set 5 which scored 25-20.

The presentation of awards followed immediately after the final game. The Best Volleyball Player Award (woman) went to Cecil Guevarra and (man) Miguel Purcell.

During the show, the league’s major sponsor, Bmobile Cable and Wireless, gave away t-shirts,caps and cd case which brought cheers to our viewers. Wendy’s also gave the viewers cheeseburgers.

Alex Mead, Vice President for Customer Service, and NIcole Buder , VP of Bmobile Cable & Wireless, gave the champion Jammin’ team a cellphone for each player. ‘A sport such as this, promotes a unity among the people of the Cayman Islands, and Bmobile will always be committed to be the major sponsor not only this season but yearly as well,’ said Ms. Buder (Bmobile, Cable & Wireless).

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The Filipino Volleyball League was started by one family, Jhun, Maria and their son Ted. Every Friday, the three of them went to the Airport Park, just for fun, and got some of the kids and adults to play with them. Soon news spread about these fun volleyball games.

Jhun Pauda, chairman of the FVL, officially launched the league with a vision the vision of Filipino teams competing with a combination of other nationalities such as Caymanian, Indians, Jamaican, Canadians, etc.

‘It’s so delightful to give the people of the Cayman Islands fun to do with,’ said Jhun. ‘Through this, surely sport such as volleyball brings the society together with one goal of winning or being the champion. This is a healthy, fun and exciting sport. And without the unity and Teamwork of the committee plus the help of all our sponsors, this will not come to pass.’

This year’s FVL committee members are: Jhun amd Maria Padua, Pie Ocampo, Cris Jacaban, Rodolfo Abat, Eddie and Cion Ojerio, Aileen Tiu Tong, Eddi Nacion. Edgar and Elnora Abat.

With the permission and direction of the Department of Youth, Sports and Recreation, Dalton Watler helped by providing the supplies needed and official referees such as James Myles.

During the awarding, Mr. Collin Anglin, assistant director of Sports, Youth and Recreation, awarded a certificate of appreciation to all committee members, acknowledging the voluntary commitment and dedication rendered in this first season of the Filipino Volleyball League.

Because of the commendable response of the people of the Cayman Islands, the league will be a yearly activity. Early next year, the competition will have a Men’s and Women’s division.

Organisers thanked all sponsors: Wendy’s, House of Carpet, China Village, the Party Mart, House of Carpet, Donino’s Pizza, Tortuga Rum Co. Lee’s Office Products, Miami Grill, Foster’s Food Fair, Arthur Treacher and, most of all, major sponsor Bmobile Cable & Wireless.

Some FVL funds will be donated to The Pines Retirement Homes.

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