Officers promoted

A number of RCIPS officers have moved up the ranks.

The promotions came into effect in April and staff are now settling into their new roles.

The following officers were promoted:

Officers promoted to Chief Inspectors: Inspector Harlan Powery, Inspector Adrian Seales, Inspector Martin Bodden, Inspector Richard Simms and Inspector Kurt Walton

Sergeants promoted to Inspector: PS 25 – Claudia Brady, PS 45 – Livingston Bailey, PS 39 – Anthony White, PS 52 – Tricia Bodden, PS 15 – Adrian Barnett, PS 14 – Eustace Joseph and PS 38 – Alden Welcome.

Constables promoted to Sergeant: PC 276 Andre Tahal,, PC 158 Chris Richards, PC 154 Sharon Campbell, PC 267 Winsome Forbes, PC 11 Maria McLean, DC 194 Katherine Marshall, DC 146 Claire Jackson, PC 124 Ian Yearwood, DC 150 Wayne Powell, DC 183 Dorris Morris, DC 262 Michelle Miller, and DC132 Marcia Codner.

‘It is always a pleasure to see officers progress through the ranks and further develop their careers,’ Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan said in a press release.

‘I would like to extend congratulations to all those who have been successful and send encouragement to others who are keen to develop within the RCIPS.’

The RCIPS also noted that in addition to the 11 local graduates who passed their induction course last month, a total of 27 new officers recruited from the Caribbean and the UK are joining the service.

Fifteen experienced officers arrived from Jamaica arrived in June along with two from the UK. A further 11 from Barbados and two more from the UK arrived last week.

Following an induction and training package the officers will be deployed to various departments including Uniform Patrol, CID and Drugs Task Force.

Mr Kernohan added: ‘We are delighted to have these experienced officers join us and look forward to them using their skills and ability in continuing to keep the Cayman Islands one of the safest places in the Caribbean.

‘As with any police service across the world figures fluctuate and it is important we sustain a prolonged recruiting campaign. With this in mind I am continuing to appeal to the community for those people who may be interested in starting a career with the RCIPS is get in touch.’

Anyone who is interested in the opportunities offered by the RCIPS can find more information and an application form on the Government Website