More East Enders return home

As the National Recovery Fund and the East End District Committee step up their programme of post-Ivan home rebuilding in the district, another elderly resident received the keys to her completed home in preparation for moving back to the district after two years of relocation.

Recently, 84-year-old Josephine Pierson opened the doors of her new home to Arden McLean, MLA for the district and Minister of Communications, Works and Infrastructure; Executive Director of the National Recovery Fund, Dr. Mark Laskin; NRF’s Director for Marketing and Development, Cynthia Arie; Darryl Rankine, member of the East End district committee; building contractor Lenox McLaughlin; and Barrie Quappe. Mr. McLean was accompanied by Anthony Eden, Minister of Health and Human Services.

Ms Pierson’s home was one of several in East End that were so badly damaged by Hurricane Ivan that they had to be demolished and a new structure built in place, said a NRF press release.

The National Recovery Fund is completing 12 new homes in the district, which have been funded by philanthropist Susan Olde through IAMCO charity. With funding from the Cayman Islands Government, another three homes will be rebuilt. Both the NRF and the East End District Committee continue to repair damaged homes in the district.

Mr. McLean expressed satisfaction with the quality of the job done on Ms Pierson’s house and commended the NRF and contractor, Lenox McLaughlin.

‘I am quite happy with the progress of the rebuilding in East End and the efforts being made by the NRF and IAMCO,’ said Mr. McLean. ‘Mrs. Susan Olde has certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty as far as her involvement in funding a great deal of the rebuilding efforts in East End. The people of this district and our country owe her a great deal of gratitude for her kindness and generosity.’

The NRF’s Executive Director Dr. Mark Laskin was also pleased with the progress of the rebuilding projects in East End.

‘We have put in countless hours organising the repairing and rebuilding of many homes on Grand Cayman and it is deeply encouraging when we can see the gratitude on the faces of the Caymanians who we have worked to help get back their homes and indeed their lives,’ he said.

Ms Pearson was very excited about moving into her new home, built on the very same site that her previous home had stood for so many years before Ivan. She was also very satisfied with the layout of her house and with the way it turned out overall.

Other East End residents – Randall Rankine; Corine Conolly and Ariadne Powell – have had their homes completed and are ready to move in.

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