Ms Fay bids farewell to C&W

After 39 years of serving the community through her job at Cable and Wireless, Ms Fay Rankine will be missed.

She will be remembered not only for her dedicated loyalty to the company, but for her helpfulness, kindness and lively personality, towards her co-workers and friends.

These were the sentiments expressed at her send off party held at the Cable and Wireless Eastern Avenue exchange office on Monday.

‘Ms Rankine is the life of everything at Cable and Wireless,’ said messenger Seneca Ebanks, who often stopped in to say a quick hello whenever she was passing her office.

‘Working with Ms Rankine for the past 10 years she is one of those who you have to really know. She is a nice person and everybody wanted her to be in everything. I will miss her a lot.’

During her time at Cable and Wireless Ms Rankie said she had seen some positive and negative changes but throughout it all they had worked together as a team and achieved the best results for the company and customers.

Starting with Cable and Wireless at the age of 21 as a billing clerk, Ms Rankine showed her loyalty and dedication to the company from the onset.

Through a number of courses overseas Ms Rankine quickly moved up the ladder from billing clerk to billing supervisor to fixed asset administrator an then to her present position as financial accounting executive.

Ms Rankine was there through most of the changes when the offices went from Fort Street next to the Town Hall to Anderson Square to Safehaven on West Bay Road and then to Trinity Square, Eastern Avenue.

She was there when competition came to these islands and through it all worked together as a team to meet many deadlines.

‘When telecommunications opened up in these islands I found it extremely frustrating when I was unable to let the public know what C&W has done for the Cayman Islands,’ she said they have sent so many young Caymanians to college to train for various positions and they gave back to the community in many ways.

‘When the company had to make hard decisions and cut staff in order to accommodate the changes competition would bring, it shook our C&W family up, but it was a business decision that had to be made.

‘Many people have come and gone. I have seen many changes not only taken place at Cable & Wireless but Cayman on a whole, but I have always remained loyal and dedicated to the company.

‘We are like family and I will miss the close relationship and the good memories working with Cable & Wireless.

‘It was good working with C&W. The company has always been sympathetic to their staff when it came to their children.

‘If I had to work on the weekends and had no one to leave my daughter Carla with, I could always bring her to the office. Carla spent many of her afternoons after school at work with me. Through C&W allowing me to bring her to the office, she developed friends with many of my co-workers that remain until this day. Carla also has fond memories of times spent at C&W.’

During her time spent at Cable and Wireless, Ms Rankine married, has one daughter Carla Powery and a granddaughter Chloe.

When asked what her plan was after leaving Cable and Wireless, Ms Rankine said she would have a brief stay at home and spend more time with her granddaughter before return to the working world.

Especially missed will be co-workers Pollyann Ebanks, Darrel Rankine, Peter Quinland, Gina Scott, Megalyn Robinson, Andrea Hurlston and Seneca Ebanks. David Bodden from the management team was supportive over the years and Finance Vice President Shanna Scott made a special effort to make her feel appreciated along with many others.

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