Whittaker wants war

Caymanian Boxer Charles Whittaker is not content to have achieved one of his life dreams by securing the world title fight set for 30 September in Grand Cayman. He also wants to win and do it in dramatic style. The West Bay slugger, now 32, says he is thankful that a title shot finally has come his way but now that he’s got it he intends to make it one for the ages, a fight worthy of the significance it holds for Cayman Islands sports history. Whittaker is well aware that he stands before an opportunity no other professional boxer in this country has ever had. He says he welcomes the weight of the moment and won’t shrink from it on the night. He vows to deliver the fight of his life and hopes his opponent does the same.

Charles Whittaker

Charles Whittaker

‘I want people who are there that night to know they saw a fight. I want them to be telling their grandchildren years later that they were there.’

Whittaker will be fighting for the National Boxing Association’s (NBA) currently vacant middleweight division championship. Oscar Gonzales, an American boxer based in Tampa with a record of 9-5-1, is tentatively named to face Whittaker. Charles believes he soon will learn if he is to fight Gonzalez or someone else. Whittaker says he is not concerned by this current uncertainty and will bring fast and heavy hands into the ring no matter who he is up against. The fight is scheduled to take place 30 September at the Lions Center, Grand Cayman. Whittaker has never fought in outdoor conditions (or semi-covered as the Lions Center is) but says he is not worried about heat or humidity affecting his performance. He is determined to make this a fight for the ages, no matter what, one that will linger in the memories of local sports fans for a long, long time.

‘This is something I have waited on for so long,’ said Whittaker, ‘I’m going to win and I hope my opponent puts up a great fight. I want nothing less from him. I want a war. I want to walk away from this with the victory and feeling like I was in one heck of a fight. It’s only right that it be like that. This fight means a lot for me and for Cayman so it should be an all-out war, nothing less than a war.’

Note: Charles Whittaker was originally set to fight a non-title bout in Cayman on 12 August. That event was cancelled, obviously, when Whittaker was offered his NBA title fight on 30 September. Whittaker says all money that had been raised to put that fight on will be used for the NBA event.

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