FC International Camp starts this month

A local football camp will be starting this month and feature many activities. FC International (FCI) will be hosting its free, annual football camp starting 14 August. The camp will be held over the rest of the summer and be for all boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 16.

‘The camp keeps the kids busy, active and fit. It will not be all about football though. We want to show them discipline that they can learn from to apply in their own lives and share with other children,’ said FCI Football Camp Technical Director Elbert McLean.

The entire camp is slated to consist of various mini-camps. The first mini-camp will be a one-week session beginning from 14 August at George Town Primary School. The second will be on 19 August in Savannah for one day only. The third will be on 21 August in North Side for one week. Then on 26 August, there will be a mini-camp in Cayman Brac for one day only.

‘On any given day, children can come and join in a totally free camp. We’re not worried about the amount of children that want to come out. We have prepared for it,’ says President of FCI Kennedy Ebanks.

All of the various mini-camps will take place from 9 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon. Parents are advised that children can be dropped off from 8 in the morning as a member of staff will be available to receive them. Participants will also receive lunch, a T-shirt, a ball and a ‘surprise’.

‘Right now, we don’t want to say what the surprise is. But the kids will know what it is when they come to the camp,’ Kennedy Ebanks said.

Mr. McLean took time to discuss the non-football aspect of the camp.

‘We will be having the manager of 911 [Emergency Service] and the Commissioner of Police at the camp. They will make speeches [to the kids] on 911 emergency and drug awareness and prevention.

‘For the first time this year, we will be telling the kids about hurricane, flood and earthquake awareness,’ Mr. McLean said.

McLean went on to state the importance of the camp.

‘If there was no camp, Cayman would have to increase its police force. The kids would end up doing something they shouldn’t be doing.’

According to McLean, the number of kids involved has been rising every year and this year looks to be no different.

‘Each year the number of kids is increasing. In fact, every day the numbers increase. Last year we had about 200 a day. I am pretty certain we will go over that amount this year.’

McLean further mentioned that his expectations for the camp are very high.

‘The discipline they learn in the camp is something I feel will make them a better person in so many ways. We want to keep the kids focused and create healthy minds [in them].

‘I am excited. I am looking forward to it [the camp]. I do it with a passion,’ McLean said.

Fred Ebanks, current goal-keeper for FCI football club and a coach at previous camps, echoed McLean’s statements.

‘The camp is good for the kids. I feel it is going to be real good this year.’

Interested parties can pick-up forms and register at any Digicel location. For Brac registration, persons are asked to call Zoe Dilbert at 917-1386.

For more information contact Elbert McLean at 925-7296 or FC International at 926-1993.

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