GT Library re-opens

The George Town Public Library is officially open.

The re-opening makes it the second library to open after Hurricane Ivan hit in September 2004.

North Side Library opened one month ago.

East End is having a few set backs because of mould but should re-open in a few weeks.

Bodden Town is progressing well and should be open within two months and West Bay will open in three months, said Education Minister Alden McLaughlin at the re-opening.

Although 7,000 books were damaged, the George Town library has close to 24,000 books for loan and a membership of 8,714, said Director of Public Libraries Mrs. Benedicta Conolly.

She also said the library had re-established inter-library loan agreements with the British Library and the Miami Dade Public Library, through which the library can access information or materials when needed.

Computers damaged by the hurricane have also been replaced and upgraded with internet services donated by Cable and Wireless.

Like Ms Angela Martins, Mr. McLaughlin said he also had fond memories of visiting the library.

He said there were no television or video games in those days and the library was the world to him.

‘Literacy is a critical issue in this country and the way I feel it could be conquered is to instil in young people the love of reading,’ said Mr. McLaughlin.

Mr. McLaughlin thanked Maples and Calder for its continued support of 2.5 million over a period of 10 years and promised more funding from government to assistance library facilities.

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