PPM appeals to WB to join

Leader of Government Business and People’s Progressive Movement leader Kurt Tibbetts has urged the people of West Bay that his party needs as many people as possible to join it.

Addressing the PPM’s National Council Meeting, which was held in West Bay Monday evening, Mr. Tibbetts said the party is very grateful to people for their choice in the elections in May of last year, when they won power.

However, he said, ‘The responsibility (of power) is a heavy one’, saying that they take it extremely seriously.

Mr. Tibbetts said while he was sitting at the national council meeting he had been thinking that politics is so difficult, because it is all about interests: individual interests, community interests, group interests.

But since everyone’s interests are different, the majority of the time it is a very ominous task for government in decision making.

‘We have to believe in a system, and a system has to have that you serve the greater good at all times,’ he said.

Speaking about the PPM as an organisation, he said that everyone must be accountable for their actions.

He asked people to have a good look at the PPM as a party, saying: ‘Being a political party does not automatically mean it’s something bad’.

He continued, ‘If you have the right people and structure, a political party can, and should, be the best thing for what people want’.

Mr. Tibbetts explained that the PPM has its district councils and a chain of command that calls for accountability at every level.

He himself will be held accountable by others if he slips up on anything, he said.

‘We need as many people as is physically possible to become members of this organisation,’ he appealed.

He told attendees that the PPM is about people having an avenue to make a difference.

The organisation is as strong as it ever was because of all its members, he said.

The four West Bay MLAs are from the opposition party, the United Democratic Party, and consist of former Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush, Cline Glidden, Rolston Anglin and Captain Eugene Ebanks.

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