Dart offers Gov’t free land

Dart Realty (Cayman) Limited, the developer of Camana Bay, has offered Government a piece of property worth at least US$4 million at no charge.

Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts said at the Cabinet press briefing last week that there was only one string attached.

‘It’s only conditional to the fact that Government builds a building there,’ he said.

The 4.3 acre parcel of property is near the Harquail roundabout on Lawrence Boulevard across from the entrance to the Harquail Theatre.

The location is being considered along with other short-listed properties as the site for the second Government office accommodation project.

Mr. Tibbetts said the Dart Group originally offered the parcel to Government for purchase.

‘They initially offered it for sale for US$4 million, then it went to $2 million and then it went down to nothing,’ Mr. Tibbetts said.

The land adjoins the Camana Bay project. Camana Bay is a multi-decade master planned development, which will include various commercial elements such as restaurants, retail stores and a hotel, and different types of residential properties. It also contains a school.

Mark VanDevelde, Chief Operations officer for Dart Realty, said recently the master plan for Camana Bay includes some of the land being used for such things as a post office, fire station, library or other civic buildings.

Dart Realty recognises the benefits of having one of the government accommodation buildings being located adjacent Camana Bay, Mr. VanDevelde said.

‘Our offer to Government, which we believe to be very attractive, recognises this benefit and also acknowledges Government’s current budgetary constraints and the other very important capital projects they are addressing,’ he said recently.

Despite the offer of the free land, Government has not decided where the second government office accommodation project will be located, Mr. Tibbetts said.

‘It’s not that we’re dragging our feet,’ he said. ‘It’s just that we’re working hard to get the first project done.’

The first project is to be built on the site adjoining the Glass House government administration building. It will be the larger of the two buildings, Mr. Tibbetts said.

The prequalification process of design-build teams is under way for the first project.

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