Private postcodes available

As part of the implementation of postcodes in the Cayman Islands, unique postcodes will be available to purchase by the public.

Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow said the price of purchasing a unique postcode had not been determined yet because the Cayman Islands Postal Services was still considering adding some additional benefit components to the package.

Businesses that get a lot of daily mail are the most likely to see the benefits of the unique postcodes, Ms Glasgow said.

‘We know which companies get so much mail that it doesn’t fit in their boxes even if they have a large box.’

Unique postcodes in Grand Cayman will range from KY1-9000 to KY1-9999.

Ms Glasgow explained some of the benefits of having a unique postcode.

Normally, all mail within a postcode would be put into a sorting slot together.

‘If [a business] were to opt for a unique postcode, it wouldn’t be sorted with all the other mail,’ Ms Glasgow said.

The specific sorting of mail into a unique postcode would cut down on delivery time, especially if it were coupled with delivery of the mail to the place of business.

‘We’re considering adding the delivery of mail as a component of unique post codes,’ Ms Glasgow said. ‘I can tell you right now, it would affect the price.’

If there is going to be mail delivery to businesses with unique postcodes, there will also be simultaneous pick-up of outgoing mail.

Ms Glasgow said the Postal Service hoped to finalise an appropriate cost for the unique postcode in the very new future.

Minister of Infrastructure Arden McLean said he thought some businesses would be interested in purchasing unique postcodes, particularly when combined with the delivery components, which could save companies time and money.

‘I believe people would pay for that service,’ he said.

There are other postal services being considered to benefit businesses, Ms Glasgow said.

One of the possibilities is for a Pitney Bowes postal meter that can be refilled through the Internet

‘There are new versions of franking meters that will allow up-loads from the Internet,’ Ms. Glasgow said. ‘You could just visit the Pitney Bowes website and refill the machine online.

Ms Glasgow said the Postal Services was working towards offering whatever could be offered online, including track and trace services of express mail and the purchase of philatelic stamps.

The first step in offering many of the new services was establishing a website, Ms Glasgow said. That website at became a reality when it went online Wednesday.

Now, the Postal Services is working towards being able to process credit and debit cards online, something that has to go through the Treasury Department, Ms. Glasgow said.

Minister McLean noted that the Post Office used to be key revenue producer for Government, and he wanted to see it become so again. Ms Glasgow wants to see that, too.

‘Minister McLean has certainly laid down a challenge for me, and it’s been a good challenge,’ she said.

‘I certainly appreciate his support in moving the Postal Services forward.’

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