Today’s Editorial August 15: Roadside used vehicle sales under fire

The ugly habit of selling boats and vehicles along the roadways of Grand Cayman has reared its head once again.

And Government is fed up with the practice.

So much so that Leader of Government Business is giving the owners and re-sellers of those boats and vehicles ample notice to remove them or face the consequences.

Enough of Grand Cayman’s residents and visitors have complained long and loud enough that the National Roads Authority and the Planning Department are working together to iron out details of an initiative to halt roadside sales of vehicles altogether.

We welcome the move.

Vehicles and boats lining the sides of roads seeking buyers look, well, tacky.

The Cayman Islands is one of the premier destination spots in the Caribbean region. We are such because of, in part, the pristine beauty of our islands.

Our islands are not the kind of places you would envision unregulated roadside vehicle and boat sales.

And they aren’t just an eyesore to our visitors. Those of us who commute to George Town to work each day are tired of seeing these vehicles.

Not only are they tacky to look at, they are a hazard to the environment.

The editor of this company personally witnessed a rat run from one of the cars parked on Shamrock Road near the roundabout by King’s Sports Centre early one morning.

Weeds are growing up around a few of the vehicles parked at various spots around Grand Cayman and who knows how much oil is being leaked onto the ground by some of these boats and cars.

Those who have their boats and vehicles illegally parked there have been given plenty of time to move their offending vehicles.

Mr. Tibbetts has warned that the offenders and future roadside vehicle sellers will face stiff penalties and fines if they don’t stop the practice.

Selling cars along roadsides is nothing new in Grand Cayman.

Every few years the practice gets out of hand and Government has to make threats.

This year, though, it appears the practice has gotten totally out of hand.

In fact it’s gotten so bad that this year Government isn’t just making a threat. Government is going to follow up its warning with laws.

While there isn’t any timetable on when the crackdown on illegal sales will take place, sellers can be guaranteed it is coming.

For those who have vehicles or boats for sale, there’s still the tried and true method of selling your wares legally through the classifieds of the Caymanian Compass.

Staff at the newspaper office is more than willing to help you with wording so you can find the right buyer.

Give them a call at 949-5111.

It’s a cheaper alternative to having your vehicle or boat towed and paying expensive penalties and fees.

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