No delays at ORIA

Despite the continued restrictions for carry-on liquids, flights at the Owen Roberts International Airport are running normally again with no real security-related delays.

This was confirmed by CEO of the Cayman Islands’ Airport Authority David Frederick yesterday.

For over a week now new security regulations have been in place, under Transportation Security Administration mandate for US bound flights, which caused delays of about 30 minutes to some flights late last week and last weekend at ORIA.

British Airways’ local office announced last week that it was also going to comply with the TSA rules.

The new regulations, which include the banning of almost all liquids being carried on board planes, followed last week’s foiled terror plot to bring down transatlantic airliners.

Passengers are still being encouraged to arrive at the airport three hours before a flight to leave extra time for check-in and security.

Asked if he anticipates these new regulations being in place for the foreseeable future, Mr. Frederick said he believes they will be with us for a while, so it is a matter of people learning to live with them.

Following a solution that was worked out last weekend, duty-free liquid products (including liquor, perfume and seasoning sauces) being bought in the departure lounges are still being delivered to the foot of the airplane by authorised duty free store personnel.

This solution followed lengthy liaisons between the CIAA and the TSA and UK authorities.

The new rules ban almost all liquids, creams and gels from being carried aboard flights. Those items must be put in your checked bags. If you are in doubt about an item, pack it in a checked bag or leave it home. The list of prohibited items is continually updated at:

Passengers can still carry on baby formula, breast milk or juice if travelling with a child; prescription drugs if your name is on the bottle; low blood sugar treatments including glucose gel for diabetics, and up to four ounces of liquid non-prescription medicine such as cough syrup, eye drops, and saline solution.

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