Poll: most favour alcohol at Turtle Farm

About 58 per cent of the respondents of the latest caycompass.com on-line poll favour the sale of alcoholic beverages at Boatswain’s Beach/the Cayman Turtle Farm.

However a little over one-third of those in favour think there should be time or location restrictions placed on the serving of alcoholic beverages at one of Cayman’s premier tourist attractions.

Of the 318 total respondents in the two-week poll, 117 (36.8 per cent) simply answered yes to the question of alcohol at the Turtle Farm.

‘The tourists need to enjoy their day at the Turtle Farm in any way they like,’ said one respondent.

‘Why not?’ asked another person. ‘It’s mostly tourists that will go there anyway, and they can drink most other places on the island.’

One person suggested a different limitation on alcohol sales.

‘As long as it is not in glass or metal containers. Plastic or paper only.’

Another person said yes to beer, but no to the planned swim-with-dolphins facility scheduled for the area.

Those who agreed with alcohol sales but with time/location restrictions (67 respondents, or 21.1 per cent) made a couple of suggestions.

‘Only serve alcoholic beverages at night, when children are not on the compound,’ said one person.

‘Restrict the amount served,’ said another respondent.

Those who were against the idea of serving alcohol at the Turtle Farm (116 people, or 36.5 per cent) made the most comments.

‘Given the recent spate of alcohol-related driving accidents/deaths, it seems a poor idea to serve alcohol to people who are driving to the attraction,’ said one person.

‘If it’s going to be a family attraction, then it should be alcohol-free,’ said someone else.

‘I might as well take my kids to the bar,’ echoed another person.

One respondent said commented on the proliferation of alcohol-serving establishments in Cayman.

‘There are too many bar rooms and liquor stores already here in Cayman and it is causing the teenagers and older people to drink and drive in late hours.’

Only 18 respondents (5.7 per cent) said it did not matter if they sold alcohol at the Turtle Farm because they would never go there.

‘How can anybody afford a drink after paying the admission fee,’ one person asked. ‘Is it realistic that people will stay there all day? For what?’

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