Collect mail, cargo today

In light of the approaching Tropical Storm Ernesto, the Cayman Islands Postal Service advises all customers to begin clearing mail from their post office boxes across the Cayman Islands. In preparation for the storm the Postal Service will be removing mail to place in protective containers.

Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow said, “We’re asking for the public’s assistance to help us lighten our load when packing up.”Collect Cargo Today Published 26th August, 12:30pm The Port Authority advises the public that it will not be responsible for items stored in its cargo warehouse which may become damaged as a result of Tropical Storm Ernesto.

Importers of full containers which have been cleared by Customs, have until 4 pm today, Saturday 26 August 2006, to collect them from the Cargo Distribution Centre. For all other items awaiting collection, importers are reminded they have until noon today to clear cargo from the Cargo Distribution Centre, as advised over Radio Cayman.

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