Today’s Editorial August 30: Levelling the playing field

Expatriate Government workers who thought they were safe from the seven-year rollover policy are right.

For now.

If Cabinet has its way, expat Government employees will also be moving targets of the rollover policy.

And really, that’s only fair.

Government employees shouldn’t be protected from rules and regulations that affect private sector employees.

We’ve heard the complaint time and again that we get our children out of school, send them off to university only for them to return home, unable to find a job.

Giving them a few years working experience in Government is an excellent idea. It would keep Government from having to recruit outside of the country and ensure jobs for Caymanians.

Caymans with good jobs can afford to buy condominiums and houses.

Having Caymanians in those Government jobs would also mean that the incomes they earn stay in the Cayman Islands and aren’t sent to another country.

It would also put Government on the same playing field as private businesses, which is only fair.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so to speak.

Right now expat Government workers can breathe easy.

Government isn’t planning on making the rule apply to those workers just yet.

But they warn the decision is coming.

To add it to the current legislation would delay the new draft Immigration Law amendments for as much as six months.

It is the desire of this Government to expedite those amendments and release them for public comment next week.

When Government does begin the process of talking about including expat Government workers in the rollover policy we can be sure that the debate and discussion will be extensive.

It is believed the new legislation will create a more equitable system with regard to who should not be exempted from the rollover policy.

An even more equitable system would include expatriate Government workers.

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