Cracked Conch to re-open soon

The popular West Bay restaurant – The Cracked Conch – is set to re-open within the month.

The restaurant, which closed after Hurricane Ivan hit in 2004, has been completely refurbished by its new owners Guy Jackson and Alex Frerk.

Mr. Jackson said that the Cracked Conch menu will still feature many of the restaurant’s famous conch dishes, alongside some fresh additions.

‘We are trying to keep it Caribbean by maintaining many of the Conch dishes – that’s what it’s renowned for, so it would be foolish to stop offering it,’ Mr. Jackson said.

Former popular dishes such as conch chowder, conch salad and cracked conch will remain. New exciting additions will include Japanese essence of tuna, roast pheasant and paella.

Along with the Cracked Conch, the building will also house a second restaurant – Macabuca, which will be a more relaxed and informal dinning area.

‘Macabuca is all about casual dining,’ Jackson explained, adding that the venue will have a thatched roof and big screen TV.

The menu will have a strong island flavour with dishes such as Jerk chicken and pork chops, swordfish steaks, chicken rotis, and oxtail stew, along with conch dishes, salads and burgers.

Extensive renovation work over the last 18 months will ensure both restaurants have a fresh and exciting feel, Mr. Jackson said.

‘The Cracked Conch used to be very heavily themed. We have breathed some new life into it and I think people are going to love it.’

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