More timeshares in court

Two more Grand Cayman timeshare operators are lawsuit defendants after cases were filed in Grand Court recently.

Morritt’s Properties Ltd., operator of Morritt’s Tortuga Club and Morritt’s Grand Resort, and Grand Caymanian Resorts Ltd, operator of The Grand Caymanian Beach Club and Resort, have both been sued by persons or entities that provided employed or managerial services.

The two cases come in the wake of the collapse of the Indies Suites timeshare operation after it sustained serious damage in Hurricane Ivan. That collapse led to a high profile legal action initiated by timeshare owners, and a subsequent call for government regulation of timeshare operations.

Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts has said that the government has asked Attorney General Sam Bulgin to look into the possibilities of regulating the timeshare industry.

In the case concerning Morritt’s filed on 18 August, accountant and former employee Robert White is suing two Cayman companies, Morritt Properties (Cayman) Ltd. and Morritt’s Shopping Centre Ltd., as well as David Morritt personally.

In Mr. White’s statement of claim filed by the law firm Campbell’s, he said he agreed in writing on 1 January 2003 to act as the Chairman of the Board of Morritt Properties Cayman Ltd. and of a company called Global Resort Management Inc., which is a U.S.-based resort management company. As part of his employed duties, Mr. White was also to organise, negotiate and manage a two-phase shopping centre and apartment development in Colliers.

Global, along with Mr. Morritt and Morritt Properties Ltd, was also named in another lawsuit filed in Florida by Mr. White.

Mr. White was employed with Morritt’s/Global through December 2005, one year before his employment contract was to expire. His dismissal from the company is a matter dealt with in the Florida lawsuit.

In the action filed in Cayman, Mr. White is seeking other agreed-to benefits from the defendants, including a 7.5 per cent share in Morritt Properties (Cayman) Ltd, a 7.5 per cent beneficial interest in the real property underlying Morritt’s Shopping Centre, and 7.5 per cent of the net operating profits can capital of Morritt’s Shopping Centre.

In the other timeshare lawsuit recently filed, Thompson Resorts Ltd. and Grand Caymanian Operations Ltd. are suing Grand Caymanian Resorts Ltd. and Grand Caymanian Beach Club & Resort Ltd.

The Statement of Claim, which was filed by the law firm Walkers, seeks the sum of US$56,954 for Thompson Resorts Ltd, which was engaged as the manager and exclusive marketing agent/manager for The Grand Caymanian Beach Club and Resort from 28 April 2000 until October 2000.

The amount claimed represents alleged unpaid amounts in commissions, corporate services and out-of-pocket expenses.

Subsequently, on 16 October 2000, Grand Caymanian Operations Ltd. was engaged as the manager and exclusive marketing agent/manager of The Grand Caymanian, an arrangement which continued until December 2001.

The claim seeks the amount of US$628,959 in alleged unpaid fees for marketing, management, rental commissions, out-of-pocket expenses, sunset tours and corporate services.

The claim also seeks damages, interest, costs and further or other relief.

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