Mr. Clifford doing his job

I found it strange when a recent publication questioned the whereabouts of my Cabinet colleague – the Hon. Minister of Tourism.

Maybe this question could be asked to the residents of the three eastern districts of Bodden Town, North Side and East End where, for the first time, organised efforts are being made to involve the people of these districts in a sustainable provision of services to the tourism product which is one of the lifelines of our Island’s economy.

Most of this work is done on Saturdays and weekends through his ‘go east’ strategy.

In regard to him meeting his constituents, the Minister was the first Cabinet Minister to begin this process several months ago. I know this as a fact as I sat in an office next to him at the Bodden Town MLA office. It is my belief that a Tourism Minister must travel frequently if he is going to effectively promote our Islands, as the previous tourism ministers did.

The two Bodden Town Ministers are at the office on Thursdays from 3-7pm unless the Legislative Assembly is in session or a more pressing situation should arise. Please call the Bodden Town MLA Office on 943-4357.

Anthony S. Eden

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