Corrections Commissioner in the Spotlight

Cayman will meet its first commissioner of corrections this week, as Spotlight focuses on government’s strategies regarding crime and rehabilitation in the Islands.

Also, viewers will learn how new standards at the Health Services Authority’s medical laboratory will help to improve health care in our community, and how the Mosquito Research and Control Unit battles to keep a potentially dangerous pest from getting out of hand.

Spotlight is a new television programme that airs Mondays at 6.30pm on Cayman 27, and again on Thursdays at 7.30pm on Island 24. Produced by Government Information Services, the weekly programme highlights the services and solutions available from government, about issues that concern and affect residents.

In the first segment, Commissioner of Corrections Dr. Bill Rattray – who comes to Cayman with a wealth of experience and some interesting insights – will talk about the challenges of dealing with criminals and reducing crime. Then, find out how the Health Services Authority’s improvements to its medical laboratory services are gaining international recognition.

Next, constant vigilance by the Mosquito Research and Control Unit staff is all that stands between Cayman and a potentially dangerous pest. Spotlight takes a look at their efforts, and reminds residents that they too have an important role to play.

Viewers also find out how they can automatically receive important updates on potentially threatening weather by registering online at


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