Remember where you are from

Imagine if people years ago of today’s leading countries had thought the ay Mr. David Ritch does.

Imagine if in England we had not let people from other countries settle there.

We would have lost all the added joys of living near and around different cultures and cuisines and memories and thoughts on things. It used to be you had to travel to learn of different countries and acquire their knowledge.

Now it is as simple as allowing them to live and work in your own.

Caymanians have in the past benefited from this external knowledge and should continue to do so. Or else you run the risk of falling behind.

Plans to affect Immigration to allow only transient expatriates will create the stealing of Caymanian culture. They will come, learn from you and leave. Immigration was at this point before around a decade ago where by short term was encouraged, the benefits of helping to create a long term work force was realised and established, why digress?

I am sure that Europe is very proud and happy to have given Caymanians a European passport so that when or if a Caymanian chooses to visit or work in Europe the knowledge and culture of that person will be shared amongst them.

The freedom that Europe has bestowed upon a Caymanian with that right to bear a European passport is a power of choice.

It is a shame that Cayman feels it cannot return such a gesture to others especially those that gave it such freedom and existence.

The travesty is not that Caymanians are being outnumbered; the travesty is that Caymanians don’t appreciate what they have got and don’t want to look after it.

Remember where you came from. There was a day when every Caymanian was an expat.

It was the people brave enough to travel and settle in foreign places that made this island what it was and what it is.

Maybe it is the people that are still brave enough to travel and settle in a foreign place that will keep making this island great along with the residents who were born here who have such passion for the Island.

Now think, this policy that deems to correct this so called travesty, will affect the expatriates that chose to stay in Cayman through all its recent turmoil because of their love for it. The people that will be directly affected by the choice to lower the number of such expats through a seven-year limit will remove those that care and have put blood sweat and tears along with every Caymanian into rebuilding Grand Cayman into everything it used to be before Ivan hit us and into everything it is becoming today.

Sure, control the population; but control it right!

Giles Shaxted

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