Brazilian diplomats call on governor

Brazilian Ambassador Cezar Amaral recently met with Governor Stuart Jack.

The meeting also served as an occasion to introduce Mr. Jack to local Brazilian Honourary Consul Giorgio Subiotto.

Mr. Amaral hoped that his visit would be the beginning of a ‘stronger and more meaningful relationship’ between the two territories. Mr. Jack presented Mr. Amaral with an official crest of the Cayman Islands, and explained its symbolism, said a GIS press release.

As Cayman’s resident liaison for Brazilian residents, Mr. Subiotto’s services support the Brazilian Embassy, which covers the Caribbean region from its base in Jamaica.

These services, such as visa applications and other official documentation, are offered to what Mr. Subiotto called a surprisingly high number of Brazilian citizens in the Cayman Islands. Services are also offered to potential visitors to Brazil.

An attorney with international experience, Mr. Subiotto is a partner with Ogier, Cayman Islands.

To contact the local Honourary Brazilian Consul, call 949-9876.

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