Cayman lacks direction

The conflict of the two headlines on the front page of the 21 November Caymanian Compass shows the confused lack of direction between where this country is headed, and where it wants to go.

On the one hand, we have ‘Dolphin deaths are expected’ and then, the photo caption of the Turtle release reads ‘Freedom of the Seas’.

It is desperately disappointing that the Cayman Islands cannot embrace a true environmental and conservation policy reflective of its residents today.

I remember the controversy and hullabaloo back in the early 1980s when the Marine Park legislation was first brought forward.

However, a sense of right, strong political will and good public relations soon had the vast majority of the public understanding and supporting legislation that is now widely and proudly supported by all of Cayman.

Now it seems no hard decisions, which are ultimately for the best of the country, can be made without fear of political fall out and loss of precious votes.

So, we continue not to worry about sharks that die in tanks or the dolphins that will die in captivity, but simply say it is OK and expected and waltz along without a moral twinge of guilt; a familiar refrain in many areas of our society today it seems.

Maybe someday someone in the political arena will really care to the point the issue is more important than their personal power, make a stand, and be pleasantly pleased with the esteem in which they are held.

Rod McDowall

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