CI company supports volleyball team

Prior to the start of the National Volleyball League, a local company, Boatswain Beach Turtle Farm, stepped up and sponsored a local volleyball club team, Upsetters, by providing uniforms and shoes for the entire squad.

The team thanked Ms. Cassandra Hebbert and Boatswain Beach for their assistance in making our participation possible. The team also thanked friends, family and other individuals who have helped them.

Members of team are: Domonique Linwood (Captain); Eleanor Berry (co-Captain), Rose Wright, Nicola Williams, Minette McCoy-Cook, Ceta Fuentes and Dara Pereira. The team is currently coached by both Mr. Michael McLaughlin and Mr. Curtis Richards. Many thanks to them for all their help and assistance.

To date, the Upsetters are on a 3-0 run. They’ve faced the Thundercats and Storm and have been victorious thus far and continue to show improvement in the second round.

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