New trainers at World Gym

World Gym has announced the addition of two full-time Personal Trainers to their Seven Mile Beach facility. Both Steven Gibson and Catherine Gallant are NASM certified and have significant experience and enthusiasm to share with the already impressive training team at the club.

Steve comes to Cayman from San Diego, California and Catherine from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Both are excited to help the gym launch its new Sports Specific training programs for 2007 as well working with one on one training clients. Steve and Catherine both have experience in functional training practices necessary to develop athletes to excel in their chosen sports.

Steven started training six years ago, both because of his love for the job and his strong desire to help others overcome obstacles, as he has had to do himself. As a Type I Diabetic, Steve has always had a strong focus on the importance of nutrition and its affects on the body. He works closely with his clients to ensure they understand the fundamentals of nutrition and how it affects their own progress and lifestyle.

In addition, Steve has a strong knowledge of how the body works and a keen ability to spot imbalances in client’s bodies and help them to focus on these imbalances to improve functionality and overall performance. Having suffered severe injuries (broken back, T5 and T7, and 3rd degree separated shoulder) due to a car accident, Steve also has a significant amount of knowledge regarding rehabilitation and has a proven track record assisting senior clients recovering from surgeries, such as knee and hip replacements, gain increased mobility and range of motion.

Catherine previously lived in Cayman for two years and is excited to be back in a job where she is able to come to work everyday doing what she loves. It was her background in Gymnastics and Dance that led her to a career in fitness. Since leaving Cayman, she has not only gotten a Fitness and Lifestyle diploma, but also competed in the World Natural Sports Figures competition in Toronto Ontario two years in a row. In her first year training, Catherine was recognized for her superior training ability by being awarded the 2004 ‘Toronto’s Best Personal Trainer’ award by Eye Magazine.

Catherine has only continued to advance her skills over the past several years by participating in a six-week physiotherapy program at Athletes Care in Toronto and training a variety of clients in both Toronto and England. She prides herself on improving the lifestyle of her clients and working closely with them to ensure they meet and exceed their fitness Goals.

Anyone interested in finding out more about personal training at World Gym or the upcoming Sports Specific programs that will be offered in 2007, may call Katie Donnelly at 345-949-5132 or stop by the gym.

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