Clifford: Go East about people

Although some developers might wish to change planning laws to allow for the building of seven storey structures in the Eastern Districts, Minister of Tourism Charles Clifford said recently there are other factors to be considered.

The Government’s Go East tourism initiative is seeking to have developers build projects in the Eastern Districts to spread tourism to other parts of Grand Cayman.

‘Go East is not just about bricks and mortar and building hotels and condominiums,’ Mr. Clifford said. ‘It’s about people, too, and about giving them opportunities.’

Mr. Clifford said the Go East initiative was always about trying to give the people of the Eastern Districts a chance to share in Grand Cayman’s tourism product.

However, developing in the Eastern Districts is more expensive because of the distance to supplies and labour. As a result, some developers want to be able to build higher structures – seven storeys instead of five – to maximise profits.

Mr. Clifford noted that there were other concerns.

‘Any development in the Easter District would have to be in keeping with the cultural norms of the people of those communities,’ he said.

Leader of Government Business and Minister of Planning Kurt Tibbetts said the government would not change the law without a consultative process that took into consideration residents’ views.

‘We would not look at (changing the law) from an investment standpoint alone,’ he said.