Salon opens at Alternative Centre

Transition students attending the Alternative Education Centre now have access to a beauty culture salon.

On Monday Special Needs Education Officer Margaret Garcia cut the ribbon officially opening the salon in the presence of an enthusiastic group.

‘I like it,’ said student Monica Booth. ‘I always enjoyed hair dressing as a hobby and now I have the opportunity to get more hands-on experience. For me it is a nice hobby, but my real dream in life is to become a corporate lawyer,’ she said.

The salon, decorated in lavender and purple, has four separate stations for hair care, a manicure and pedicure table, two wash stations and two hair dryers to accommodate customers.

Demonstrating their skills in plaiting on a willing male classmate, students Monica and Jasmine Ramos made educators proud to see that the programme was well-taken.

Beauty culture instructor Zena Rochester praised the students for their enthusiasm. ‘Most of the students are a little advanced in hair care and it is very hard to tame them down as far as the lesson plan goes. I have to keep them on track so that they can get all the basics in the right and proper way.’

They are willing to learn, she added, and that is the most important part of the programme which includes special techniques in hair washing and blowing drying, cutting, straighten, manicure and pedicure and other hair care procedures.

Ms Rochester said although the salon is equipped with the necessary equipment they were desperately in need of beauty supplies.

‘We are appealing to the public to assist us with these items,’ said Ms Rochester.

Anyone interest in donating supplies can contact the school or drop them off at the Alternative Centre located on Smith Road behind the George Town Health Centre.

Ms Rochester said a critical part of an education in cosmetology is hands-on practice. In the early stages, students will work on other students but there are plans to broaden the scope by inviting civil servants or other interested persons in the community to support the venture.

At the present time students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their talents at various functions on Fridays which allows them to gain more experience.

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