Walkers wants you to have the Blues

The new Walkers Blue Iguana toy has arrived just in time for Christmas and will make an appearance at the National Gallery and National Trust gift shops this week.

The 2007 version of the limited edition toy retains its familiar plushy blue exterior, but has grown in size and has been custom-designed as a hand puppet for children.

The unique toys will be on sale for CI$15 each and all proceeds will be donated to the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands and the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme.

The Blue Iguana hand puppets are the latest of an annual line of toy iguanas originally developed by Walkers for promotion of the firm at overseas conferences.

Recognising the potential of the toys as a tool for educating the public about the plight of the Blue Iguana, Walkers decided to share them with the community. The firm has donated Blue Iguana toys to the National Gallery and the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme for the past four years to help raise money for art education and conservation efforts.

The Blue Iguana toys have been so successful that Walkers has continued to produce a different variation of the toy each year. There is now an entire family of Walkers Blue Iguanas to collect, the original 2004 male Blue Iguana, the 2005 female Blue Iguana, the 2006 twin baby Blue Iguanas and, the latest variation, the 2007 Blue Iguana hand puppet.

Walkers’ Managing Global Partner, Grant Stein, stated, ‘It has become tradition for Walkers to produce a new edition of the Blue Iguana toy each year. The toys have been received extremely well and we continue to create them in the hopes of raising awareness and boosting fundraising efforts. We recently received an e-mail from an eight-year-old girl in Virginia asking how she could save the Blue Iguanas, which assured us that Walkers is helping to spread the word internationally about the plight of this endangered species.’

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