Tourism minister rewards students

Bodden Town Primary School’s top-three students from each class year were treated to lunch aboard the Carnival Conquest by Tourism Minister. Charles Clifford on 14 December.

‘This served as an incentive to encourage children to continually excel in their studies,’ Mr. Clifford said in a press release.

Upon boarding the cruise ship, 36 energetic boys and girls, teachers, the Minister and several members of the ministry were taken to the youth centre, where the kids played with toys and video games.

Afterwards, guided by a Carnival Cruise Line staff member, the children – aged six to 11 – toured the entire ship before heading towards the restaurant, where they encountered more food than they could consume.

Amber Kaum thanked Mr. Clifford on behalf of the students. ‘We are happy that you brought us on this ship. Can we go again next year?’ The students, well behaved throughout the visit, were overjoyed at the treatment they received.

‘I hope this incentive encourages other students to achieve their best,’ said Mr. Clifford. ‘The whole experience was great for them, they thoroughly enjoyed it, and the passengers enjoyed them just as much.’

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