Cayman kids get certified

Congratulations go out to a group of boys that recently completed their open water certification course with Divetech. The boys were all provided full scholarships by Divetech.

The group included five students from the Cayman Islands Boy Scouts and one student from the Bonaventure Boys Home.

In addition, Daniel Rivers completed his Dive Master course after starting to dive at age 12 as an Open water Diver. Daniel went on over the years to complete his Advanced Open Water Course, Emergency First Response, Rescue course and finally onto his Divemaster rating. ‘This is a great accomplishment that showed Daniel’s commitment to the underwater world and his desire, as he puts it, ‘to be an Ambassador for the Cayman Islands’,’ said the press release.

Jennifer Leach from the Bonaventure Boys Home and Winston Hale from the Cayman Islands Boy Scouts were instrumental in getting the kids interested in diving, and in helping them through assistance, organisation and transportation as they progressed through their courses, the release notes.

The open water certification course takes students young and old through basic training to learn to scuba dive. The course involves academic study, shallow water skills accomplishments and then open water dives. The course is completed over 24 – 32 hours, allowing time for students to become comfortable with how to manage their equipment, help their buddies, manage their depths and times and the course provides the introduction to the wonderful marine life, its benefits to humans and its fragilities. ‘This fosters respect and builds support for future generations of our coral reefs and marine environment,’ the release explains.

The children had a lot of fun mastering their skills and earned a well deserved certification upon graduation. With additional training, these children are wonderful candidates to enter the professional level of the diving world and earn their livelihood while out diving in the warm, clear waters of the Cayman Islands.

‘We are proud to be supporting the youth in their interest in diving and to teach them about the marine environment. Children are like the colorful sponges in the ocean, they absorb so much and are always a pleasure to teach’ said Nancy Easterbrook, Managing Partner of Divetech. ‘We hope that many of the children will return to take additional courses and look to diving as a career in the future. In addition, many colleges and universities accept the Open Water Certification course as a college credit, usually in Education, Sports or Science.’

Greg Beyette, Operations Manager; Eleanore Head, Dive Instructor and Lee Garwood, Dive Instructor, were responsible for the training programme for the boys.