Healthcare advertising detailed

Government is reminding health and dental practitioners that they are to advertise their practices in accordance with the guidelines for advertising set out by the Cayman Islands Medical and Dental Council.

According to Health Practice Council Registrar Shirline Henriques, the advertising guidelines also apply to all health practitioners registered with the Health Practice Commission’s four councils, states a GIS press release.

She reminds practitioners that the code states, in part, that advertisements are to provide factual information about practitioners’ qualifications and services. Failure to abide by the CIMDC’s guidance may call a practitioner’s professional conduct into question, according to the code.

The guidelines for health professionals’ advertisements are as follows:

• Although the Code of Ethics refers to advertisements by medical and dental practitioners, they are responsible for the advertisements relating to their work that may appear through their employers or from the institutions where they work.

• Any institution/medical centre/health centre may prepare a brochure outlining the services available. The brochure may be made available to the public, at their offices. It is not to be distributed outside their offices, nor inserted in the print media. They may have a detailed writeup in any publication and/or media coverage initially whenever a new service is initiated.

• Any promotion of any service offered at any institution/medical centre/health centre, claiming superiority, is not acceptable. The health care worker providing the service is liable for disciplinary proceedings by the board.

• Professional qualifications of all health practitioners can be entered in any directory, e.g. telephone, Chamber of Commerce, CIMDS, etc.

• Announcements in relation to change of location of healthcare institutions or providers should only state their names, addresses and telephone numbers.

• Any announcements in relation to closure of institutions for short periods should only be by the name, address and telephone number of the institution.

• Announcements relating to the visiting specialists through the media, regarding dates and times, along with address and telephone numbers are acceptable, but limited to one advertisement to announce the arrival or impending visit of the specialist.

• Resident practitioners’ announcements regarding their absences should just include their name and address, but should not indicate their specialty, phone number, and address, as this is an indirect way of promotion. Name, address and telephone number of practitioner covering in your absence is to be included.

• Announcements in print media, as per items 6, 7, 8 and 9 should not exceed 3′ x 2′.

Mrs. Henriques invites healthcare practitioners to contact the Health Practice Council on 949-2813 or [email protected] if they have any questions or need assistance.