Streetskill urges proper lane use

Drivers must pay attention to lane markings and exercise lane discipline. That’s the message from the RCIPS, the National Roads Authority and the Cayman Islands Road Safety Advisory Council, which are appealing to all drivers to pay more attention as they move around on Cayman’s roads.

The RCIPS’s Traffic Management Unit is constantly seeing problems on the roads which could be easily avoided if people used lanes and junctions correctly, stated a press release.

There are some simple rules drivers should follow to help prevent collisions taking place.

If you need to change lane, first use your mirrors and check your blind spots to make sure the pathway is clear. When it is safe to move, signal first to indicate your intentions to other road users and then move over.

Do not change lanes unnecessarily.

On a two lane carriageway you should stay in the left lane and only use the right lane for overtaking or turning right. If you do use it for overtaking, move back to the left as soon as it is safe to do so.

Before overtaking make sure you have room ahead to do so. Check your mirrors and your blind spots to ensure the pathway is clear and signal to indicate your intentions.

Be courteous. If you are in a slow moving vehicle, stay in the left lane as long as possible so other vehicles can safely pass on your right.

On single lane roadways, overtaking is not permitted in areas with a solid line pavement marking.

At all times drivers should follow the ‘Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre’ system to ensure they are aware of everything going on around them and other drivers are also aware of their intended actions.

In addition, many drivers in Cayman are extremely courteous to other motorists and often stop to give way and let people out of side roads into the main flow of traffic. Drivers should be aware though that this can cause problems behind them and should be conscious to the effect that stopping could have on others.

The Streetskill campaign, launched on May 1 by the NRA, RCIPS and CIRSAC, is aimed at educating motorists and influencing their behaviour.


Organisers are looking for feedback on the Streetskill campaign and welcome ideas and thoughts from the community. Residents are encouraged to contact [email protected] – 244-3004 or [email protected] – 244-1762 or [email protected] – 244-5865.