Women’s Basketball League grows with Firstcaribbean’s support

FirstCaribbean is sponsoring the Women’s Basketball League for the second consecutive year.

Check presented

Tanya Campbell of FirstCaribbean presents a sponsorship cheque for the Womens Basketball League to Dale Ramoon, President of the Basketball League (second from left); Victor Voot OGarro the Technical Director for the Basketball League (far left); and Collin Anglin, Assistant Director of Sports (far right).

FirstCaribbean Women’s Basketball League welcomes females of all ages spread among four teams. Their season commences in early January and finishes late March.

Tanya Campbell, Corporate Manager for FirstCaribbean, commented, ‘FirstCaribbean is delighted to continue its sponsorship and support of basketball in our community.’

‘We all know that sports are fun, but the benefits and lessons that can be learned through sports transitions into all aspects of life.

Sports provide opportunities for leadership and socialization, as well as the development of skills for handling achievements as well as disappointments.’

Technical Director for the Cayman Islands Basketball League, Coach Victor ‘Voot’ O’Garro also added, ‘FirstCaribbean has made a fantastic contribution to the development of ladies basketball on the Island. Since the bank became involved, ladies basketball has grown tremendously, so much that we now have an Under-18 League.’

The FirstCaribbean Women’s Basketball League plays every Thursday and Sunday evening at the Digicel Court beside Cox Lumber on Eastern Avenue.