Windy weather ahead

The Cayman Islands will experience breezy conditions and rough seas for the next three days, as winds approach 30 miles per hour.

Cayman Meteorological Office weather forecaster Alan Ebanks said a high pressure system over the eastern United States will cause the windy conditions of 20 to 25 knots – or 23 to 29 miles per hour – through Saturday.

‘We have a cold front pretty much over us now and this high pressure system right behind it,’ he said Wednesday, explaining what will cause the conditions.

The winds, which will be out of the east-northeast, will create rough seas with wave heights of five to seven feet, and heavy surf in East End and along the north coast on Grand Cayman. Some areas in West Bay can also expect heavy surf.

A small craft warning will be in effect through Saturday, and Sunday will only be marginally better with wave heights of four to six feet.

‘With those sorts of waves and winds, boats of 25 feet or more should be able to handle it,’ Mr. Ebanks said. ‘Anything less than that should probably stay in shore, and if they do venture out, use extreme caution and discretion.’

Mr. Ebanks said that in the central North Sound, and in the areas around Stingray City and the Sandbar, conditions are likely to be choppy to rough. The area of the North Sound, inside the reef near Rum Point, however, should be calmer, he said.

The weather pattern is fairly typical for this time of year, Mr. Ebanks said.

Although he did not think there would be any significant rain with the winds this week, there were nonetheless scattered showers in the forecast.

Mr. Ebanks noted that Grand Cayman had been receiving what seemed like more rainfall that was typical this time a year. He pointed out that there were 5.91 inches of rain in December, as opposed to only two inches in December 2005 and .28 inches during the same month in 2004.