Digicel & kings launch the largest 5-a-side football tournament in Cayman

Kings Sports Center is set to kick off another exhilarating season of intense 5-a-side football on Monday January 15th and Digicel is delighted to be a part of the action.

Football enthusiasts can look forward to another exciting and adrenaline filled season with the entry of new teams and players who will go head to head to battle for the championship title.

The 5-a-side football program which initially launched in April 2006 aims to showcase some of the finest football talent in the Cayman Islands.

The program welcomes both corporate and recreational teams to come out and play some fun, action packed football with a touch of competitive spirit.

Kings Athletic Director Ray Singh commented,’ Our goals for the 5-a-side program have changed somewhat over the last couple of months. When we first launched the program, all we were hoping for was 6 teams to get us started. However through Digicel’s sponsorship and with the help of the media we were able to build the program very quickly and spark more interest than expected with a total of 11 teams to kick off the first season.’

Mr. Singh continued,’ After a successful first and second season our goals are far bigger and brighter. This season we hope to finish with approximately 20 teams and we want a large fan base to support them. With Digicel’s continued support we are hoping for even more media coverage in order to provide players and referees with as much exposure as possible.’

‘As we look towards the future of the Five-A-Side program we are hoping to begin operating our own international tournaments. This is a lengthy and complex process, but given our success thus far we believe we can do just about anything,’ Mr. Singh added.

Football Fans are welcome to come out to support their favorite team or just enjoy some highly intense football action every Monday and Wednesday between 7pm-10pm.

And to make the season that much more exciting Digicel will also be giving away lots of goodies for the entire family.

‘Digicel takes great pride in being the major sponsor of the Kings 5-a-side football league for the third consecutive season. We are pleased to support the initiatives of Kings Sports Center and enjoy making their football tournament a much anticipated and well supported event. Furthermore, this once again allows us to demonstrate our commitment to supporting the development of sports within the Cayman Islands,’ said Senior Marketing Executive Gemma McLaughlin.