CIFA Simon Robshaw U15 Girls League Finals

The final matches for the CIFA Simon Robshaw U15 Girls League were played on Wednesday, January 10th 2007. Future SC were the undisputed champions, having won all of their five matches, giving them a total of 15 points overall. The last two games of the League were as follows:

Elite SC and Catholic drew, 1-1 and Future SC defeated Stingrays, 2-0.

Mr. Simon Robshaw, who is the sponsor of the League through his company, CayTech Electronics, declared that ‘it has been an honor to sponsor the League and it has been an absolute pleasure to be involved. It is incredible to have witnessed the change in those girls throughout the League; they become another person when they are playing on the field. I hope I might continue my commitment to them, because this is a two-way program, in which we draw from each other. To me, it is not a matter of being a sponsor; it is a matter of human nature’.

Marcelo Franca, on behalf of CayTech Electronics, presented the captain of each team, Shanae Watson from Stingrays and Brittany Sylvester from Future SC, with brand new footballs. Player of the match Shalissa Barnett, from Future SC, was given a CayTech Electronics t-shirt and a Motorola cell phone. “The prizes we gave to the players were a compliment of our gratitude to the players for their effort and hard work’ said Mr. Franca.

Mike Barnett, Coach for Future SC U15 Girl’s team expressed his delight at winning the CIFA Simon Robshaw U15 Girls League. ‘I am very proud of the team. They were a very hardworking and dedicated team throughout the competition. This goes to show that when you want to achieve something and set your heart into it, you will achieve the results you want’.

Lolita Hanna, representative from Stingrays, expressed: ‘Thanks must go to the Women’s Committee for their hard work and dedication. On their behalf, I would also like to thank our sponsor Mr. Simon Robshaw of CayTech Electronics for his support and dedication to the development of youth football throughout the Island. Congratulations to Future Sports Club the 2006/07 League Champions; we look forward to a bigger, more competitive league next season’.

Finally, Thiago Cunha, Women’s National Technical Director, expressed that ‘it was an excellent League, even though it was the first time it was organized in the Cayman Islands. There is a lot of talent on this League to play in the Women’s National Team’.

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