Marine article ‘misleading, patronising’

I wish to test if this really is a free press.

At the risk of being labelled a traitor or communist, I would like to comment on your article (18 January Caymanian Compass, 4 on Operation Cayman mission).

While I don’t expect investigative reporting from you, I found parts of this article misleading and patronising, not just to myself but the servicemen involved and anyone with rationale when it comes to these two ‘wars’ (surely a correct term to an impartial observer would be ‘occupations’).

Let me state that I do respect these gentlemen and the many others who have sacrificed for what they believed was the right thing.

I also feel very sorry that their loyalty and courage have been abused by a small minority in the US who are taking advantage for financial gain in the name of ‘freedom’.

After numerous revelations and scandals it is quite clear to anyone with basic intelligence and rationale that the good people have been lied to.

Firstly, your continual use of the term ‘freedom’: I would like to ask what freedoms, especially to the Cayman Islands, were or are at threat from Iraq & Afghanistan?

As a reporter you would be aware of the numerous attempts to link Iraq to 9/11, which have been exposed as lies.

How have these two invasions helped ‘world peace’ when in fact it has been stated by numerous agencies that these actions are fuelling more resentment and resistance.

Their country did not call them to war at all.

Mr. Bush and his cronies did. The vast majority of us Americans here and at home are against it now we know were lied to and many of us receive much verbal abuse on island for our leader’s sins.

As for questioning, we should all question everything, as it is the basis of a true democracy and freedom of speech/expression – especially authority as the government is supposed to work for the people is it not?

Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi all stated we should ‘question everything.’ Is Mr. Bush above them? I believe he thinks so.

While we should all support the troops, let us not be blinded into soft fascism through patriotism here, we can support the troops but not at the cost of our own true freedoms – freedom to question why our children are being slaughtered, why we are really in Iraq, why are we really in Afghanistan, and why are we really heading to Iran?

What do all three have in common, except for fictitious threats? Oil? Why should the many service people, who after years of loyalty refuse to be part of the destruction of a country and almost 3/4 million Iraqi dead, be labelled as traitors?

We should all step back and question – Why was Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein one year after the crimes he was executed for?

Why did the US sell nuclear reactors to North Korea in 2000?

A truly free press and democracy would ensure this information would get to the people, sadly it is buried amongst fear mongering, reality TV and sports and anyone who questions is ‘helping the terrorists’.

When more people die from eating peanuts than terrorism it is high time we put an end to this carnage.

Where is the Christian ethic in all of this?

We have heard the statement ‘I was just following orders’ before. Were we so understanding then?

Like it or not, US foreign policy is shaping our future. Saddam may have been terrible, but he used his oil profits to provide free education.

Are you happy with your oil prices?

You say ‘we have sent our own young men to fight. If it is so valiant, why don’t you or your sons go to Iraq?

I have been, I am ex-Army and glad that my love for my country and true freedom is no longer being exploited.

I thank you.

Nick Goldbourne