Mr. Ebanks joins Boatswain’s Beach

Appointed new COO

The Board of Directors and management of Boatswain’s Beach, the new home of the Cayman Turtle Farm, has announced the appointment of Mr. Joseph (Joey) Ebanks to the new post of Chief Operating Officer.

Board Chairman Joel Walton explained in a press release that ‘with the coming online of the new Boatswain’s Beach development and the associated growth in staff complement of the original Cayman Turtle Farm organization, it was decided by the Board of Directors that the overall organizational structure needed to be strengthened.

‘This decision came in light of the fact that the company was now moving from primarily a construction phase to that of an operating phase with the attendant needing to focus on business aspects.’

Mr. Ebanks, who will be working under the direct supervision of Kenneth Hydes, Managing Director of Boatswain’s Beach, will be responsible for the business units within the company. These areas include Finance, Human Resource, Visitor Services, IT, and Marketing. The Operation and Animal Programme Units will be directly managed by Mr. Hydes.

Mr. Ebanks last held the position of Customer Service Manager at CUC and assumed many cross functional duties including Corporate Communications, Marketing and energy smart co-ordinator. Mr. Ebanks has an MBA and previously owned and operated Sports Headquarters (Sports Retail).

‘We are extremely excited about moving forward with this new organizational structure and give a warm welcome to Mr. Ebanks as he joins this dynamic team assisting in placing us a lucrative product on the tourism market’ commented Mr. Hydes.

When asked what his plans are moving forward into his new appointment, Mr. Ebanks noted that his first aim is to ‘pull the team together as well as aggressively market and increase the company’s sales and revenue.’

Mr. Ebanks further noted that he was looking to achieve this last goal through the increase of cruise ship, stay-over and local volume.

The press release continues, ‘Since its inception in November 2001, Boatswain’s Beach has continued to work towards its full realization. The company is months away from introducing all of its facilities and moving forward with sales and packages to both the cruise lines and stay-over partners.

‘Boatswain’s Beach has woven into the fabric of the communities on the island, first as the Cayman Turtle Farm in the West Bay community since the 1970s and today as a major employer of approximately 100 people (and more during the construction phase), utilization of local companies for its products and services, outreach programmes, sponsorships, and civic responsibilities.’

As Mr. Hydes positively summarizes, ‘Boatswain’s Beach is not just a West Bay project but a national one.’

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